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A Greener Alternative

Oakfield Wood in Wrabness, is one of the UK’s most established alternative green burial sites. A beautiful and tranquil nature reserve, just a short walk from the picturesque River Stour on the Essex coastline.

The character and ambience of a burial at Oakfield Wood are very much created by you and your choice of ceremony. In whichever way you wish to reflect and honour the life of your loved one, we will use our experience and ethos of compassion and professionalism to support and enable your wishes.

What we offer...

  • Full Burial Or Ashes Interment

  • A Place For Friends And Family To Be At Peace

  • A Beautiful Woodland Without Disruptions

  • A Religious Or Secular Burial - open to ALL FAITHS 

  • Family and friends plots reserved in a bespoke secluded area to accommodate a minimum of ten plots.  These are also available for associations and clubs.

  • A Hardwood Plaque inscribed with name and dates.

  • A Site Management Scheme Approved By the Wildlife Trust

  • A Nature Reserve and Habitat for Wildlife

Forest Trees

Help with Arrangements

We are familiar with many funeral directors and related service providers across Essex and Suffolk as well as farther afield. 
We enjoy excellent working relationships with a multitude of professionals within the industry and liaise with them closely to ensure every burial and farewell is managed and run smoothly and seamlessly.

If you need help in arranging your own, or a loved ones final farewell or require information we can recommend or direct you to a local funeral Director that will suit your needs. Please Get in Touch

New Technology will offer Natural
End of Life alternatives to Cremation by 2026


What is a Warm Water Aquamation?

New technology is offering an environmentally friendly alternative to flame-based cremation and a warm water alternative to the cold water aquamation process. The process achieves the same end result of ash remains as flame cremation but it does so; without burning any fossil fuels, without emitting mercury or other harmful greenhouse gases, and by using 90% less energy than cremation.  
The process works by gently circulating a heated solution of 95% water and 5% alkali around the body for an extended period of time. The gentle flow of the water creates a womb like environment and people find it very comforting to know they will return to the same warm, safe, womb like embrace at the end of their life, as they did at the the start of their life. 
Memorial and Service options are the same with most families holding a viewing and/or service to honour their loved one.


Peace of Mind

Oakfield woodland burial ground is protected by the Essex Wildlife Trust, which means that unlike municipal and other cemeteries, which can be subjected to re-use and development, Family members have the peace of mind that their loved ones will remain forever undisturbed in this peaceful and thriving woodland nature reserve.

Core to the thinking behind Oakfield Wood Wrabness is the creation of a place of beauty and openness where those left behind will want to come and spend time to reflect and remember for generations to come.

Forest Trees

Natural End of Life alternatives to Cremation

In our mission to offer families a range of natural choices, plans are now  underway to allow us to offer natural end of life alternatives to cremation. New environmentally friendly technology, which works in a very similar way to aquamations but with warm water rather than cold will make this possible. This not only emulates a warm, womb like environment but makes the process quicker so reducing the difficult long wait families must currently endure. Work has already begun on the new, state of the art facility, which we are working to complete by 2026. It will be built on a site close to the Woodland Burial Ground along with a Chapel of Rest and Woodland Visitor Centre.


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