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Oakfield Wood Aspirations

natural and environmentally caring alternatives to traditional burial services and end of life options

oakfieldwood wrabness woodland burials and aquamations

NEW Chapel of Rest, Ceremony Hall and Warm Water Aquamation Facility

Planning Permission has been granted and work commencing in Spring 2024 will see the construction of three linked buildings to compliment the existing Natural Burial Ground here at Oakfield Wood Wrabness.


In order to enhance the services and options we can offer to families, Oakfield Wood plans to build a Chapel of Rest, a Ceremony Hall and a facility to offer the new and innovative warm water alternative to cremation. This gentle and environmentally friendly, warm water alternative to cremation has been described as "returning to the womb" and is understandably becoming a popular choice around the world. Oakfield Wood Wrabness will be one of the first to offer this comforting option to families in the the UK and are working hard to be open and serving families by 2026.  

Project Support & Investment 

At this stage of project development, Investment Opportunities are available to the Public, Industry Members and Investors. Please get in touch to discuss the opportunities available

Warm Water Aquamation Facility

Aquamation is a gentle and environmentally friendly, water alternative to cremation. The gentle flow of warm water creates a womb like environment and people find it very comforting to know they will return to the same warm, safe, womb like embrace at the end of their life, as they did at the start of their life.

The process works by gently circulating a heated solution of 95% water and 5% alkali around the body. The gentle flow of the water is similar to that of a small brook or stream.

One of the reasons for Aquamation becoming so popular around the world is that the process is very similar to the natural decomposition that occurs with green burial as opposed to the harsh effects of fire cremation. 
Families receive the ashes of their loved ones in the same way, although Aquamation produces 20% to 30% more ashes than cremation and they are whiter.

Caring for the Environment

Aquamation produces ZERO toxic gases or greenhouse gases in to our atmosphere. The process uses only 10% of the energy used for flame cremation, avoids the use of fossil fuels and has a 75% lower carbon footprint.

Current Fire cremations release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere, including carbon monoxide, fine soot, sulphur dioxide, heavy metals, and mercury emissions from dental fillings, all of which can cause health issues for both people and nature.

When you choose Aquamation you choose to protect the environment.


Chapel of Rest & Ceremony Hall

The Chapel of Rest and Ceremony Hall will compliment the new facility and Woodland Burial Ground to provide a serene and beautiful setting for Funeral, Memorial and Burial Services.

Be it a religious, spiritual or secular burial service or commemoration, the choice is yours.  At Oakfield Wood, we welcome EVERYONE, regardless of faith or beliefs.

The Ceremony Hall will be available to hold services, ceremonies  and memorials as part of the Burial Packages offered. It will make a valuable addition to the existing Burial Ground and Woodlands of Remembrance to provide an serene and beautiful place for family and friends to visit and remember their loved ones.

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