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Becoming Nature

More and more people are choosing to go back to nature at the end of their lives. Becoming part of a protected natural habitat for nature, wildlife and birdlife offers families peace of mind and the reassurance that their loved ones will live on as part of something truly beautiful and teaming with life. Oakfield Wood in Wrabness is an idyllic and serene green woodland burial ground situated on the banks of the River Stour in North Essex.

Its was created over 25 years ago to provide one of the county’s first alternative and natural green burial sites and ‘Woodland of Remembrance’, which is now maturing into a stunning and peaceful wildlife habitat. Over 3,000 people have been laid to rest at the site and this has led to the need for a permanent visitor centre to support those visiting their loved ones. The visitor centre will provide the necessary amenities and shelter from the elements to all those visiting both the Woodland of Remembrance and the beautiful surrounds of this stunning Wildlife Trust site.

This wonderful Non-Profit project needs your help. Donations are required to bring this project to life and are greatly appreciated.

Visit to become a supporter. Don't forget to joinh our Newsletter group to be kept informed of all developments and project achievements.

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