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Butterfly and Dragonfly Spotting in Wrabness

Summer in Wrabness is a wonderful time to see an amazing array of butterflies, in particular, the White Admiral and the Silver-washed Fritillaries. Both particularly love shady woodland areas such as Oakfield Woodland in Wrabness. It's also a great time to see a variety of insects including dragonflies and damselflies. Family days out in nature can be both relaxing and educational for children and Wrabness Nature Reserve offers a stunningly beautiful location for both bird and wildlife enthusiasts.

White Admirals can be spotted around Bramble flowers and prefer shaded areas, with dappled sunlight to lay its eggs on Honeysuckle. Their favourite habitats include shady or mature woodland with sunny glades and large patches of Bramble to provide nectar for the adults. Sadly, its population has shown a dramatic decline in the last 20 years due to loss of habitat. Thankfully, Oakfield Natural Woodland Burial Ground offers a vital sanctuary for them.

The stunningly beautiful Silver-washed Fritillaries are large and graceful butterflies and are one of the most beautiful sights to be found in broadleaved woodland, especially oak woodland during high summer. They can be spotted in sunny glades, although similar to White Admirals, they also require shady woodland to breed and their main foodplant is the Common Dog-violet also found on the shady woodland floor.

Plan a Relaxing Family Day out in Nature and contribute to the conservation and monitoring of our native wildlife.

Dragonflies and damselflies have been flying over wetlands, meadows, and woodlands for over 300 million years, placing them among the most primitive insects found on our planet. We are lucky to have several species who

have settled in the perfect habitats along our beautiful River Stour. Why not plan a relaxing family day out in nature and contribute to the conservation and monitoring of our native insectlife. One really important activity you could take part in is to record and share details of the wildlife that you see. You’d be joining thousands of volunteers across the UK, who are gathering essential information to help protect and restore nature. Record your sightings here .

We are asking for help to create a visitor centre on the Wrabness Nature Reserve to provide the necessary amenities and shelter from the elements to all those visiting both the Woodland of Remembrance at Oakfield Wood and the beautiful surrounds of this stunning Wildlife Trust site.

This wonderful Non-Profit project needs your help. Donations are required to bring this project to life and are greatly appreciated. Become a SUPPORTER. Don't forget to join our Newsletter group to stay informed of all developments and project achievements.

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