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Welcome to the Wilko Johnson Visitor Centre Wrabness Newsletter

Welcome to the first Newsletter to launch the fundraising appeal to build a Visitor Centre for Oakfield Wood!

As you know, we are busy raising funds for a visitor centre to support the Oakfield Wood in honour of one of our most famous residents, Wilko Johnson.

He is by no means the only person to have wanted to be laid to rest in such a stunning place of natural beauty, as the site has been welcoming people of all religions and faith for over 25 years.

Many people have the wish to come to somewhere that is so embracing, becoming part of the beautiful scenery and contributing to the local wildlife and habitats. While wanting to maintain the natural beauty and peace of the site, what is really needed now are facilities to provide much needed shelter and comfort for those who visit.

Wilko Johnson, a passionate advocate of wildlife and admirer of the local beauty represents the feelings of all those who wish to be laid to rest here which is why we would like to build the facilities in his name. Like Wilko, everyone in the site has a story about what led them to come here and we would love to hear yours.

This is such a special place and the stories of those who rest here add such interest and meaning to the site for those who visit their loved ones. Sharing stories unites us and brings connection and comfort, which is what we are all about, and a visitor’s centre will enhance this.

We will updating you on the latest news and developments of the fundraising as well as stories and pictures of local interest. Please feel free to get in touch and we look forward to hearing your stories too! Get in touch by commenting below

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